Fiber / CO2 Laser Cutting

Equipment that adds high quality cutting, combined with high productivity, makes it possible to process a mix of parts with different geometries on the same plate, aiming at maximum use of the raw material. Processing thicknesses up to 25.4mm (carbon steel).

CNC punching machine

High technology in cutting and forming

CNC bending machine

Versatility in combining several sequential bends in the same setup, combining productivity and dimensional quality. Capacity up to 220 tons and width up to 4,000mm.

Semi-Automatic/Robot/Laser Welding

Our equipment has high technology setup with digital amperage/voltage control and a qualified team of welders, coordinated by Level 1 certified inspectors. High frequency MIG and TIG welding, which allows welding on carbon steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals. Spot/projection welding equipment.


Cell consisting of automatic lathes, universal milling machines, drills, thread rolling mill, centerless grinder and band and disc saw. They add agility in the supply of machined parts.


The continuous line of electrostatic powder coating. Capacity up to L = 800 x H = 1600 mm.
Line length 60m and greenhouse 12m.

Stationary electrostatic powder coating, capacity up to L = 1000 x H = 1600 mm

Liquid electrostatic painting with water curtain

Dimensions: L = 3,350 mm x H = 3,000.
– Preparation for painting the immersion phosphating line, equipped with gas collectors and scrubbers, containment basin with impermeable floor. Dimensional capacity of: 2,630 x 880 x 1,700 mm.


Blasting with steel grit.
Dimensions L = 3000 x H = 3000 x L = 6000 mm.
Blasting with glass micro spheres.

Positive Pressure Down-Draft Liquid Electrostatic Painting.
Dimensions L = 4,000 x H = 3,000 x L = 6,000 mm.
Screen printing application.