Usimatic – Commitment to the Customer

Since 1988, Usimatic has been following the evolution of the times and the new needs of the market, With excellence in personalized service, solidifying partnerships in project development and manufacture of products or parts derived from metal sheets, with solutions in the right measure of the real need of the client, aimed at assertiveness, transforming vision, planning and action into successful results.

During all these years of experience, Usimatic has invested and continues to invest in human capital, through training, recycling and hiring highly qualified professionals.

The potentialization of resources is a great advantage of Usimatic, in which:

“Human Quality” aligns knowledge with investments in high-tech equipment applied to productivity, performance and quality in cutting, forming, machining, welding, painting and assembly.

Specialized knowledge in each Usimatic structural chain management. They are optimized by the integration of engineering, commercial, planning/control, logistics, production, quality/environmental, controlling/finance and human resources management operations, supported by information technology that interact in the cyclical relationship with the customer from the first commercial contact to after sales.

We invite you to get to know our company in detail, to be sure that here “Commitment to the Client” is to be well prepared to serve you better.